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No one can save you more on your pharmacy benefits than a pharmacist.

Working with you and your broker — our experts lower pharmacy benefits plan costs so you can do more for your members. In fact, on average, our clients save at least 15% in the first year.

What could you do with those savings?

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Overwhelmed by Your Pharmacy Benefits Management Program?

How do you know if you’re getting the best pricing and most effective programs from your PBM? The truth is — it’s close to impossible to know.

Employers shouldn’t have to understand the pharmacy industry’s ins and outs. But you also shouldn’t pay your PBM more than you have to.

If you want greater performance and accountability from your PBM, we can help.

Working as an objective partner to you and your employee benefits broker, our pharmacists, clinicians and analysts advocate for getting employers the greatest value possible from their pharmacy benefits programs.

Innovative breaks down the complexities of the pharmaceutical industry. Our promise is to do the heavy lifting on PBM contracts and hold PBMs accountable so employers can:

  • Have greater visibility into what they are paying for and better manage Rx costs
  • Make informed decisions which includes a clear understanding of the impact on employees
  • Understand the impact and options for your formulary and care management programs
  • Stay compliant within a fast-changing pharmaceutical regulatory environment
  • Pre-empt the catastrophic impact of specialty drug and high-cost medical claims
  • Provide members with access to the most appropriate and affordable medications when they need them
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Global Manufacturer Realizes Rx Savings of $10.5 Million

Clinical understanding drives all strategy and implementation. All stakeholders of your pharmacy program are held accountable to the well-being of your plan members — which is a cornerstone of the pharmacist's oath.


“Pharmacist-Led” Matters

Our organization is led by pharmacists who are successful in uncovering and negotiating savings because they know what to look for and where to look. They understand how to ensure discounts, rebates and other manufacturer-derived revenues pass through to the ultimate funders of health care — the employers — instead of to the PBMs’ profit margins.

The expertise and member-first mentality of our pharmacists isn’t just a part of our mission – it’s our business model. It’s who we are. From the top down, pharmacists hold leadership positions across the organization, ensuring that plan design and savings recommendations never lose sight of a commitment to patient care.

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Member-Focused Strategy

Experience transformative savings while maintaining a deep respect for patent quality of life.


Member-Focused Strategy

Yes, we will save you money. At least 15% in the first year. But not at the expense of your members. Unlike other advisory firms, our recommendations for cost-savings are not a trade-off for affordability or access.

As the pharmaceutical industry brings new, costly therapies to market, organizations must wrestle with how they and their employees will afford what are often life-saving medications and therapies. With strategies tailored to the unique needs of your organization and its members, we help you plan how to best serve your members — with little-to-no disruption.


Preemptive Risk Management

What will NOT taking action today, cost you tomorrow?


Preemptive Risk Management

Constant innovation in the pharmaceutical space drives the cost of providing pharmacy benefits higher each year. Employers cannot afford to maintain the status quo as the compounding impact of inaction will create unsustainable costs.

We serve as a long-term partner constantly focused on mitigating risk to ensure you can best serve your employees and their dependents for years to come. Let our experts help you save today and plan for reduced risk in the future through ongoing claims monitoring, contract reconciliations and plan performance reviews.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What kinds of employers do you work with?

While we can serve clients around the U. S. of most any size, our typical employer clients are self-funded with at least 1,500 employees. If you have any questions about whether or not we might be able to assist you, please contact us.

Will working with Innovative disrupt my relationship with my benefits broker?

We work as an objective partner to you and your employee benefits broker. Respectful of existing relationships, we are an addition to the team committed to getting your organization the greatest value on your pharmacy benefits program.

My broker has already provided us with savings. Why do you think you can find more?

Your benefits broker likely works directly with a PBM. How do you know if you’re getting the best pricing and most effective programs from the PBM? The truth is — it’s close to impossible to know. And unless your broker employs pharmacists or pharmacy industry professionals who can monitor the PBM and your contract terms, they don’t know either.

Employers shouldn’t have to understand the pharma industry’s ins and outs. And unless your broker has the pharmacy experience on staff, they wouldn’t be expected to understand the industry either.

This is where a pharmacy benefits consultant comes into play. Fact is, you’re likely paying your PBM more than you have to. If you want greater performance, accountability and transparency from your PBM, we can help.

Can you really find savings without disrupting our members' benefits?

We find savings in PBM contracts because our pharmacists know where to look and what to look for; we guarantee your PBM contract terms can be renegotiated. In fact, we often uncover 15% to 20% savings upon first review of your PBM contract. This renegotiation and these savings do not involve changing anything about the medications available to your plan members.

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