February 1, 2024

In the complex world of pharmacy benefits, plan sponsors must achieve a balance between the bottom line and member care. Often, fear of disruption can get in the way of benefit savings. That is where Innovative Rx Strategies comes in. Our team of clinical pharmacists and strategic account executives have the expertise to guide cost-saving changes while limiting member disruption.

Our Approach

Avoid Disruption – with improved contract terms

At Innovative Rx Strategies, we work so the fear of disruption does not hinder savings opportunities. However, if you need a zero-disruption solution, we can do that. We can work with your current PBM to enhance savings for you and your employees without any negative impact on your current plan — even if you just signed a new deal. Check out what we were able to do for a client with a similar approach.

Understanding Potential Disruption

Our Request for Proposal (RFP) process dives far deeper into disruption than the standard analysis PBMs provide with their bid. We do not just show you the data. Instead, our pharmacist-led team will walk you through key data points so that you have clarity on how each choice will impact your members. With our secondary review, we can pull true disruption out of data noise — showing your true disruption potential.

Strong and Timely Communication

Innovative Rx Strategies is your eyes, ears and boots on the ground during the implementation period. Our best practices go beyond what the PBM brings to the table. From improvement on the details of reports received, to providing deeper, more detailed member communication, we elevate any implementation process.

Strategic Decisions

Innovative Rx Strategies disruption control process is pharmacist led. Our clinical pharmacists have deep experience in the pharmacy benefits space grounded by decades of direct patient care. Our pharmacists approach your member disruption with keen understanding of the impacts it may have on patients — having worked alongside prescribers like those making the decisions for your members. There is no one-size-fits-all solution to disruption within your plan. Our disruption plan provides clear insight into the outcomes for your organization and members in your unique situation. This ensures that savings do not come at a price to members’ treatment and disease state control.


At Innovative Rx Strategies, we are there every step of the way to guide you and your members. We know that change with minimal disruption is possible, with our approach.

Whether you are considering a change this year or in the future, or you just went through a change that mishandled member disruption, Innovative Rx Strategies is ready to talk about how we can support you and your members. Reach out today!


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