Work the Innovative Advantage to Your Benefit.

There is an alternative to the “generalist” big-box consulting firms and go-between brokers.

As true industry insiders, Innovative Rx Strategies knows the tricks of the trade. What’s going on behind the curtain. The PBMs’ sleight-of-hand pricing tactics. How the game is played. And how to make sure our clients come out winners.

For you, the Innovative Advantage adds up to:

  • Unrivaled PBM business and legal experience
  • Insider knowledge into PBM pricing models—is traditional or transparent more cost advantageous?
  • PBM underwriting experience to get you close to the pricing floor
  • Professional, aggressive negotiating skills to obtain the lowest pricing possible
  • Real experts in full command of your project—not mid-level associates down the chain of command
  • Trusted, one-on-one guidance through the RFP and PBM contracting processes from start to finish
  • Personalized service tailored to your unique needs and best interests
  • Free up time to dedicate to other HR issues
  • Longterm strategies designed for savings today and the future
  • Average annual PBM cost-savings of 10% or more—guaranteed